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About Me

michael A Gavigan


I am the owner of MAGs Creations, LLC and the creative behind the scenes.


I was always the child that had to know how something worked and made my parents crazy by taking everything apart. 

I quickly had to learn how to put it back together and this led me to my first career as an industrial electrician.  After almost 30 years of this, it was time for a change. 

I taught myself how to use a lathe; and after many hours and mistakes led to me making some small pieces such as tea light holders and small lidded boxes.  

Doing research led me to try more advanced pieces such as some artistic pieces using wood burls and a technique called inside-out turning.

As my skills have grown friends started encouraging me to start selling my items.

On January 11 2017 I quit my job as an industrial electrician, and started working full time in my workshop.

New Laser Engraver


My recent acquisition of a BOSS Laser has added a new dimension for my work.  

I am able to laser on wood, some plastics, glass and other acceptable surfaces.  

This has allowed me to add personalization, logos, creative designs and other options as I am finding by learning the machines and by the requests coming in from customers.  

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New Items, Best Sellers


My current best seller has been a small portable table I created for wine glasses and a wine bottle and I have made some modifications based on requests to make a footed base for use in more places than open ground and a more recent adaptation to make a table that holds cans or bottles for those who prefer sodas, beer, or water.  

As you can tell, I am always tinkering and if you have an idea for something in wood, 

feel free to run it by me! I love making ideas come to life for my clients.

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